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Pre-cast Door and Window Frames


Saiju Mathew

1. What is your opinion about pre cast door frames and window frames?

2. Is Malaysian Teak wood durable?

1. What is your opinion about pre cast door frames and window frames?

If the Company that manufactures Pre-cast Door & Window Frames has strict quality control measures, with proper concrete mix, curing and reinforcement, then Pre-cast Joinery can be an excellent alternative to traditional Wooden Joinery.

Pre-Cast Joinery can be painted with good quality enamel paint to resemble lacquered wood finish. However, if the Concrete mix and Curing is of poor quality, it would result in being a nuisance in the long-term, with brittle edges and cracks.

2. Is Malaysian Teak wood durable?

Being a hardwood, Malaysian Wood is as durable as the timber available in the local market. However, if the wood was cultivated in farms, it would not have the density or pest-resistant properties of natural forest wood.


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